5 Quick Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life - Written By A Christian

If you're reading this, you are already on the right path. A healthy relationship with your sexuality means that you are always looking for ways to explore and share the gift of intimacy.

1 - Learn yourself, by yourself. 

The first time many of us have an experience with our bodies is at the mercy of another human being. We learn what touch feels like and may sometimes endure painful encounters because we are unsure of what "good" touch truly feels like. 

For those who would like to explore on their own, we recommend starting with a lipstick vibrator. 

2 - Be Comfortable

If your partner loves a t-shirt and panties, we've got you covered! After your fresh bath with your favorite scrubs and washes, follow up with a nice moisturizer and slip those legs into a pair of flirty, lace boy shorts. 

3 - Turn off the lights. . .and light a candle. 

Having sex in total darkness means you can’t look into each other’s eyes or enjoy the visuals, but at the same time, having sex in a brightly lit room can make some people self-conscious. 

Strike a happy medium and dim the lights or light some candles. You might even consider some scented candles, or glow in the dark dice for additional ambiance and foreplay fun! 



4. Fulfill a fantasy

Take openly about your desires, your needs, and the areas of intimacy that you'd like to safely and comfortably explore. Need ideas? We'll give you the first two sentences and it's your job to finish ;)

  • You're a wealthy woman who is on vacation looking to be catered to for the next 12 hours before your flight. You make one phone call and your partner is now on their way to meet you for dinner and . . .
  • You're running low on gas and a "stranger" agrees to fill up your gas tank, take your car for an oil change and rotate your tires. Upon his return to your home, you're ready to say "thank you" in multiple ways. . .
  • You've been "researching" and you stumbled across a few products and decided to order them. They've just arrived and you're ready to try them all out. . .

5 - Sext each other with words, actions, and even a few pictures or videos ;) 

Sexting can be a hot way to remind your partner throughout the day that you're thinking of them…being naked and/or while you're naked.

This isn’t exclusively about sending pictures of your privates; rather, it’s about sending steamy messages that will really get them going and show them how irresistible you think they are.

For example, you might talk about what you want to do the next time you have sex, talk about past encounters you’ve had together that were really hot, tell them how much they turn you on, or share your fantasies. 

If your partner is more visual, send a quick video or FT them so they can see a quick preview. 

Bonus points if you use one of your self-care toys as a prop ;) 

The best tips on how to spice up your sex life are often somewhat cerebral—you have to put a little thought into them. 

So, display the creativity of your brain, which is your biggest sex organ, after all.

Let us know what you think of these suggestions and feel free to share your own methods - we'd love to hear from you all! 



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